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Start a garden project

Not able or willing to start a garden project and you want fresh veggies at home? If this is a goal switch your focus from what you can’t do to what you can. For example maybe you can:

  1. Grow microgreens- these nutrient dense greens grow easily in a shallow container. Place in a sunny window and you will have a healthy addition to your salads and meals in a week or two.

  2. Join a food co-op.

  3. Check your neighborhood for weekly farmer’s markets

  4. Barter for veggies with a neighbor that has planted a garden

  5. Start with some easy to grow lettuce like arugula – it grows quickly with just a small investment of time and money.

  6. Consider planting a shared container or roof top garden at work, at your community center or place of worship if possible. Everyone can share the workload and the bounty.

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