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Do one thing to move the dial

Do one thing to move the dial. Your goal is available to you. It is accessible too. You don’t have to write the book or run the marathon today. You just have to start with the first step. Maybe you can even start with a micro step. For example, (ask yourself) why is accomplishing this goal important me? How will it change me or my personal narrative? How will it change my life? When you know the why of what you want to do, the how may be easier.

Can you commit 15 minutes in service to your goal today? For example, can you check your calendar and find a race that fits your schedule? Can you set up a support plan (think work, meals, dog walking, child care, etc.) so that you can make it to training?

There is something you can do to get started today. Just do one thing to move the dial and the day will send come when the goal is done.

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