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Heal what hurts

Sometimes we use pain as a shield or as an excuse not to live up to our potential. Stuck here we are so busy dealing with pain we have no emotional energy left to fuel our dreams or nurture our highest vision of ourselves. Part of healing what hurts involves forgiving and letting go. It is often being in this place of holding on and unforgiveness that we spend too much money. This can happen when we do not take the time to meet deeply rooted emotional needs. Instead we go for the band aid of relief that spending provides.

Know that you can buy temporary relief but you cannot buy contentment or joy. Unplanned spending does not relieve stress, in fact it leads to more stress and a cycle you will not be able to escape. It looks something like this… I feel stressed, down or anxious; so I need to pay for a pick me up, after which I feel guilty and more stressed. I have more month now than money, so I can’t get anything I want or need. Then despite all of that stress and worry what do you do when you get paid again? The same thing. You spend outside of your budget because for a whole 7-10 days you didn’t have any money and so again you tell yourself you deserve whatever it is you are spending money on to relieve stress. Stop the cycle and start dealing with the hurts that need healing.

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