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Sit with what is

Being still - sitting - gives us the opportunity to notice what is happening inside. When we observe the movements of our mind and follow our breath we begin to recognize ourselves as whole, strong beings, separate from racing thoughts and feelings that might otherwise consume us. Gifting ourselves this opportunity of stillness means we are less likely to experience even difficult feelings as unbearable or unmanageable. We can allow and observe rather than avoid our painful feelings.

Sitting helps us see the feeling instead of be the feeling. We can watch stormy feelings without drowning in their intensity or losing connection with our larger sense of self. We can understand that we are having a normal, human feeling experience without grasping (holding on with fear of loss) or aversion (pushing away with fear of discomfort). This compassionate view of our feeling experience affords a kind of stability, so that we are not pushed and pulled around by our feelings. We remember that we are okay, in spite of everything.

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