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Celebrate life

Today is a new day. Celebrate life... no special occasion necessary. Celebrate the ordinary miracles of breath moving through the body, the flow of blood and support of bones. We have life on this day. Slow down and notice each gift the miracle of life endlessly offers to celebrate. Let us take nothing for granted.

The Value of Self-care

Rather than think about self care as an indulgence or an escape … a week at the beach is a good example, it can be helpful to think about self care as a way of fostering emotional preparedness. A way of staying present with ourselves, no matter what comes up. Self care here means not abandoning ourselves when stress or overwhelm is present but, instead making the choice to be supportively available to our inner selves with patient, compassionate, loving attention in good moments and horrible ones too. We can do this everyday. One way we can do this is by finding stillness. Maybe you’ve heard the expression that goes something like, muddy water becomes clear when still. Think of the mind like

Include yourself in the work to end suffering

There is much we must do to improve our world. But our responsibility to work for the end of suffering should not create suffering in our own lives. Let us prepare ourselves well for this urgent calling. The following quote reminds us of Ma Jaya's advice that we must drink as we pour. Aware of suffering and injustice, I, (your name here), am working to create a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world. I promise, for the benefit of all, to practice self-care, mindfulness, healing, and joy. I vow to not burn out. I Vow Not to Burn Out Mushim Patricia Ikeda Lion's Roar June 13, 2019

Self Care Is A Revolutionary Act

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