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How meditation can help

If you have a habit you want to transform, adopt a meditation practice. Meditation opens the emotional space you need to begin to recognize habitual thoughts and patterns of behavior. When you can identify the habit of thought or action, rather than engage it reflexively, you give yourself the power to choose. You can interrupt your auto-pilot, get back in the driver’s seat and consciously decide on your next best steps. Unknown

Your Life’s Work

No matter where your career path leads, the most important work you will ever do is with and for yourself. You are job one. Your inner life, the way you think and see the world, the way you see yourself and engage with what is possible drives everything. Prepare well. What skills, resources, self-care practices and support will you need for the road ahead?

Join me for Restorative Yoga for Calm and Clarity

Slow down and revel in safe space to be still, settle your mind and reconnect with your body. This class is designed to help you release stress and more skillfully manage anxiety and overwhelm. Use the feeling of spaciousness to get clear about what you want more of in the New Year. Registration includes 30 days of gentle accountability support. Come as you are, no experience required. Yoga and meditation are for everyone. Please bring your journal and a mat if you have one. Bolsters will be provided. A note about meditation... Meditation isn't about emptying the mind or stopping our thoughts. Instead, it is about learning to recognize our thought patterns and habits. When we begin to see ho

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