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Boundaries as self-care

Why are boundaries important for self care? Boundaries are a reminder for you, and a signal to others, that you are choosing to be deliberate about your plans and goals. When you do not have or honor your boundaries, you risk being pulled in random directions. It is much less likely then that you will make meaningful progress on the things that really matter to you. Boundaries are a way to stand up for yourself and to stay available for own equally valid needs. Standing up for yourself can help you feel like you have some control over your life because you get to determine how you will use your resources instead of letting everyone else decide for you. Boundaries can help reduce stress and m

Finding Stillness and Learning to Pause

When we find ourselves trapped in a maze of painful thoughts, we can find an open path by cultivating stillness. Being still helps us recognize where we are grasping or avoiding so that we can begin to let go of thoughts about how we wish things could be and, instead, accept how they really are. In the stillness of the pause, we can allow some space to expand between our “selves” and the circumstance at hand. This vantage point of noticing makes it possible to see what is happening rather than be what is happening. We can begin to cultivate a sense of stillness with sitting. Finding stillness When we observe the movements of our mind and follow our breath, we begin to recognize ourselves as

Renew and Restore: A Mini Wellbeing Retreat for Mind and Body

Join me for a small group, self-care mini-retreat. We will have three hours together to explore our inner landscape, revel in the connection between mind and body, and activate the healing power of the breath. Expect a slow and gentle pace. This retreat is designed to support you in creating spaciousness and settling into the body. Come as you are, no experience required. Yoga and meditation are for everyone. Please bring your journal, a willingness to be open, and your mat. Bolsters will be provided. A note about meditation... Meditation isn't about emptying the mind or stopping our thoughts. Instead, it is about learning to recognize our thought patterns and habits. When we begin to see ho

Self Care Is A Revolutionary Act

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