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Self Care Is A Revolutionary Act

PeaceStill...because we all need our own care and compassion

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Slow down & choose to notice

Maybe life isn't perfect, but certainly many moments are. Notice and savor. Slow down and revel in the sweet spots. They are a wonderful contrast to the times that bring up feelings of stress or overwhelm. Breathe deeply and let your attention include the fullness of your experience in this very moment. 


Photo credit:  Jenni Girtman/Atlanta Photography


Barbara Gibson


Barbara advocates for survivors of domestic violence. She is also a 200 - hour registered yoga teacher and certified meditation guide. Her meditations are intended to remind listeners of their inherent inner goodness, wisdom and strength. Most are deliberately short and intended as a gateway for beginners or a quick reset for anyone. So glad to be along on your self-care and wellbeing practice path. 


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